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Missing Persons Investigations

Law enforcement agencies have enormous caseloads, limited manpower, and can be restricted in a missing person case unless the circumstances are extreme and exigent.

GT Security Solutions investigators come from careers in law enforcement with years of experience in these types of investigations. The GT Security Solutions team can be more dedicated to the investigation with much more time to work on missing adults, runaway teenagers, and abducted children with global and national resources and without the burden of law enforcement caseloads. 

The GT Security Solutions investigators can and will work closely with law enforcement when necessary or warranted.

Commonly, police agencies do not have the same resources available for adult cases, and often it takes the media spotlight to spur law enforcement into action during the disappearance, abduction, or kidnapping where there is suspected foul play.

Timely and accurate intelligence are the two factors that can solve most cases, and missing persons are no different. The more time that elapses between when the person actually goes missing and when the report and investigation commences, the harder it is to find your missing person.